After an initial discussion about your plans for your garden, the design and construction will generally follow the stages below:

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is free of charge (unless outside the M25). At this meeting, my aim is to view your existing garden and to discuss with you in detail your requirements – from style preferences, entertainment requirements, play areas to how much time you wish to devote to maintenance. Your should have an idea of your budget by the time this meeting takes place.


Once we have discussed your requirements a survey of the garden will be need to be made. This may simply be a case of taking the measurements and noting existing features or, where the garden is large or has significant level changes, may require a qualified surveyor to record accurately the key features.

Concept Plan

After the site survey is ready, a concept plan will be drawn up for discussion. The concept plan shows the key features of the proposed new garden. I will discuss this with you and make any changes arising from our discussion, following which a version for your approval will be presented.

Layout Plan

Following the agreed concept plan, the layout plan is a scale drawing showing all elements of the new garden (including retained existing elements), from planting areas, hard landscaping to water features and lighting.

Planting Plan

The planting plan is a separate scale plan and shows the exact name, location and number of plants to enable the correct plants to be purchased and positioned in the garden to obtain the desired effect.

Setting Out Plans

Before construction of the garden can begin, setting out plans may be required for hard landscaping and construction to assist contractors with their areas of responsibility.

Making the Garden

As part of my work for you, I can recommend contractors to provide hard landscaping, water features (including swimming ponds), green walls and garden lighting as well as take on project management for the whole process.